Visiting Massage in North London – We come to you

Visiting Massage in North London – We come to you

Visiting Massage in North LondonWe come to you, so that you don’t have to move a muscle. Well, you might have to let loose a few farts, because let’s face it, you are going to relax, but that won’t bother us. Our therapists come complete with towels, oils, tables…. and nose pins. So they won’t smell a thing and you can let it rip. They also have iPods in case you don’t want them to hear anything, so you are all set to receive the best visiting massage in North London. We also recently expanded and now cover the rest of this beautiful, but sometimes very stressful city. We can’t promise a setting like in the picture above, because, you know… we come to you, unless this was your backyard. Then we would need to trade favours. Massage for massage, because that truly would be a day to remember.

In a previous post we covered all the different ways you can give it to yourself. Massages, not the other thing you were thinking of. In this post we are going to cover some more ways in which you can relax or treat your body. You only get one of those, unless you are Robocop. But for us regular folk, we need to make due with what we got. So you can let yourself go, or look after yourself. The choice is yours. You won’t be here if you were not looking after yourself, so you want to be helped. I’m also not going to talk about diets, healthy eating, exercise and stuff. There are plenty of websites out there to tell you about that. We are focusing on what we do best; treatments and relaxation.


Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

Hot TubsYou know the saying, ‘All thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs’. The same goes for Jacuzzis. All Jacuzzis are hot tubs, but not all hot tubs are Jacuzzis. That’s because Jacuzzi is a brand name and hot tub is the generic term. But no matter which one you have, the fact is that it is beneficial to the human body and mind. That swirling and bubbling hot water can relief aches and pains and just gives you an overall feeling of well-being. It is just impossible not to relax when you are in a hot tub, even if your mother-in-law is visiting. I also ‘heard’ that it soothes the pain haemorrhoids can cause. Just don’t sit on a jet. It’s also a good way to get some alone time with your partner…. if you’re in a private hot tub at home and not a public place, or if her name is Claudia. She doesn’t like hot tubs. So no cuddles for Jaco.


Saunas and Ice Cold water

Saunas have plenty of health benefits. A list almost as long as my…. arm. It relieves stress, cleanses the skin, flushes out toxins, can help fight illness and it just feels good. In Finland they believe that a hot sauna session and an ice cold swim in a frozen lake go hand in hand. That’s because it is true. An ice cold swim also reduces stress, enhances your circulation, increases your libido and enhances your immune system. Put the two together and you would fly out of there like Superman once you’re done. I like to go into the nude saunas. I’m usually the ugliest, so no one looks at me and I can do all the looking. Win win.


Steam Rooms

Steam Room BenefitsApart from various skin benefits and detoxification of the body, a steam room session also opens up your airways and the mucous membranes, so people suffering from asthma will benefit greatly. That’s why you see people on television suffering from a cold and struggling to breath, bending over a bowl of hot water, with a cloth of some sorts covering their heads and breathing in the steam. If you can get it hot enough, it can also provide you with a lovely lobster dinner for Valentine’s Day.

As with the sauna, a steam room session will open up your pores and increase blood circulation, leaving your skin with a healthy pink glow and looking much younger. Sweating is also a great way to lose weight, because your body is getting rid of water. So you will be healthier, lose weight and look younger. I need to keep my wife away from a steam room then before she realises that she can do better.

Hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas are all available at your local gym, so you don’t need to book a session at a spa. And I can pretty much guarantee you that the results will be the same; whether you go for free at your local gym, (included in your gym membership) or book a session at a day spa, which will probably cost you an arm and a leg.



AromatherapyAnother one of those treatments you can do yourself. For this you would need to use plant materials. If you’re a green finger, you can grow it yourself. If not, then a shop would do. Aromatherapy improves your physical and mental well-being with the use of aromatic plant and essential oils. Run your bath water, pour in all oils needed, light those scented candles, close that door and switch on your boombox. You would need to find the right music, because that is also essential. I doubt if Ozzy Osborn will relax you at that stage. Time and place. So I think Enya should suffice. Then you just get in, lie back, close your eyes and relax. If for some reason the kids keep banging on the door, because they just HAVE to pee right now, you can always nudge that boombox into the bath with you for some shock therapy. That will open up all closed pours and holes.

Inhaling these essential oils stimulates the brain and has a therapeutic effect. Eucalyptus essential oils helps to ease congestion. Before or after your bath, depending on your preference, you can apply these oils directly to your skin where it can be absorbed into your blood stream. This will aid your body in various health and beauty conditions. There are plenty of materials to help you along your path of general well-being and include some of the following:

  • Essential Oils – Oils extracted from plants through steam distillation.
  • Absolutes – These oils get extracted from flowers to produce fragrant oils.
  • Infusions – Like chamomile.
  • Herbal Distillates – Like rosewater and lemon balm.
  • Carrier Oils – For the use on your skin like sweet almond oil.
  • Phytoncides – The killing of microbes by using organic compounds.
  • Aroma lamps or scented candles.
  • Vaporizer – Something to help you inhale all these aromatic oil vapors.

Every day life can be quite stressful, so you need to take care of yourself, because no one else will. What we have discussed in this post are very easy and cost effective ways to do just that. You just need to make the time. One session of any of the above will go along way to recharge those flat batteries and get you back up to neutral.


As like always, please feel free to share this post with everyone you know. It will show them that you care.

That boombox thing in the water was just a joke. Please don’t try it. 🙂

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